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Melbourn 1 vs St. Ivo 1

Melbourn 1 vs St. Ivo 1

Weds 15th January


Melbourn lost 3-18

Melbourn 1st squash team suffered to the hands of St Ivo this week, losing all their matches except for Matt’s valuable three points at 1st string. All told, Melbourn lost by 18 points to 3 as Mark (2), Kate (3) and Mumin (4) were all beaten 3-0. Handing a string to the away team before the evening began after conceding the fifth string match due to injury, put us on the back foot from the off.

Skipper Mark called it “A frustrating loss but one that I am hopeful will focus everyone's game play. Having some key players back from injury soon will also help.”

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