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Melbourn 1 vs Portugal Place/CUSRC II

Melbourn 1 vs Portugal Place/CUSRC II

Weds 27th November


Melbourn won, score TBC

Melbourn picked up an important win over Portugal Place/CUSRC 2nds to keep themselves away from the foot of the Cambs Division 1 table.

The first match on was Kate Bradshaw (5) against Matt Robinson. The opening exchanges of this were shaping up to be an interesting and competitive match. Sadly with the score at 4-5 in the opening game there was a tangle as Matt went to retrieve a drop shot, which resulted in his weight landing on Kate’s ankle. She immediately crumpled to the ground and it quickly became apparently she wasn’t going to be able to continue as the ankle swelled up. At the time of writing it wasn’t clear which player would be awarded the points as a league ruling was being sought.

Mark Oppen (4) took on Tim Daulby. This proved to be a very tight match, with next to nothing in it. In fact two of the games went to tie-breaks. There were only to be three though as Mark, rather to his relief, won all of them to get through with a 3-0 victory.

Malik Bilen (3) was on court sooner than expected after Kate’s injury. He took on Daniel Beer. This match featured competitive and drawn out rallies with the ball being worked up and down the walls, but with one notable feature – Malik won a clear and comfortable majority of them! His speed to the front corners and general movement around the court suffocated Daniel and lead to a 3-0 victory with a misleadingly comprehensive scoreline.

The second string pitted two familiar faces against each other, Vinod Duraikan (2) taking on the player who had been our second string last season, Ed Wheeler! There was barely anything to separate the players in the early going as they shared the first two games. The third was also close, going Vinod’s way 11-9 as his tenacious play and ability to stick at it saw him through, whilst Ed wasn’t quite on his best game. That broke the back of things as Vinod took the fourth and the 3-1 win.

The top string pitted Matt Sampson against Dave Woodman. Dave is a very strong player in the Cambs League, with his only defeat in the last three and a bit seasons coming due to injury. Over that period Matt is one of the few players to take a game off him. He didn’t manage to repeat the trick on this occasion, the closest Matt got being the second which went against him 9-11. But overall Dave had too much and won 3-0.

Skipper Mark commented “It was a great result for the team against a pretty decent opposition who usually finish mid-table or higher. It was a win we really needed as the league is tight this season. Kate’s injury was unfortunate.”

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