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Melbourn II vs Luton & Dunstable II

Melbourn II vs Luton & Dunstable II

Tues 7th May


Melbourn won 9-3

Melbourn 2nds entertained Luton & Dunstable II for the first home match of the summer campaign.

First up was Sean Hamilton (2) who had his work cut out to beat an experienced skilful player. The Melbourn player initially struggled to deal with some canny boasts which gave the visitor a good positional advantage. Sean’s particular strength is the ability to stay in long rallies and wait for an opportunity to play a winner or force an error from his opponent. The first game was won 15-10 as was the second. In the third game there was a period when the Melbourn player lost his grip on the run of play but then restored his composure to win it 15-10 and the match 3-0.

Roger Woodfield (3) was up against a junior player who demonstrated significant ability and good positional play. However, the visitor did not have the range of shots and variety of the Melbourn player who won the first two games fairly easily. The third game was much more competitive with the visitor pushing hard but the Melbourn came out on top to win 15-12 and the match 3-0.

Colm O’Gorman (1) was pitched against a very strong opponent who was very consistent and quick around the court. The Melbourn player lost the first game but then staged a major fightback in the second game. Despite a great effort the second game was lost 12-15. The third game also went to the visitor who took full control of the match and won 3-0.

Skipper Roger said ‘This was a good result with all our players performing well against a committed team. We have now won our first two matches which bodes well for the rest of the summer campaign’

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