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Melbourn 2 vs ActiveFitness 1

Melbourn 2 vs ActiveFitness 1

Tues 30th July


Melbourn won 10-7

It was an unsatisfactory 10-7 points win for Melbourn II at home against ActiveFitness from Stevenage - after the top player from the away team had to withdraw injured.

Sean from Melbourn slugged it out with visitor Ken at third string in the first match of the night. It was not the finest display of squash with lots of loose volleys from the centre of the court. The pair were too frequently hitting the ball back to each other. But they dug deep on a hot night with the final result going 3-2 to the Melbourn player.

At second string, Melbourn magician Colm gave it his all but ran out of tricks by the fourth game. He claimed victory over away player Luke in the first.  Luke fought back hard to claim the next three games decisively. During the last game Colm's trademark drop shots were eluding him and he was utterly spent. The final result was 3-1 to Luke.

Things stepped up in pace and quality for the first string clash between much-respected visitor Dom and Melbourn’s notorious hard-hitter Aidan.

Aidan was frustrated with his performance in the first two games which he lost 15-7 and 15-13. Experienced player Dom stayed cool and delivered a masterclass in recovering difficult balls. He worked hard to chase down and counter anything Aidan could offer.

The tables turned briefly in the third. Aidan quickly defeated Dom in a 15-4 game which was over in minutes.

The scene was set for a fascinating fourth game. Aidan had settled down and was delivering some incredible squash. It looked like he might be able to mount a come-back.

But at 5-5 Dom’s knee went and he reluctantly decided to retire from the match before doing himself any more damage.

It handed Aidan a victory and an overall result for Melbourn of 10-7.

Skipper for the evening Sean said: ”A win is a win but nobody went home feeling good about the final score. We hope Dom’s knee gets better soon.”

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