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Melbourn I vs Hunts County I

Melbourn I vs Hunts County I

Weds 30th January


Melbourn won 15-11

The 1sts picked up an excellent 15-11 win over Hunts County 1sts in their latest Cambs Division 1 game.

Mumin (5) was up against a more experienced player in John Williams (well, every Division 1 player is more experienced than Mumin!). However, despite the disparities in age the Squash was close. Very close. Just two points in every game, in fact. Sadly, all three of them went 9-11 against Mumin.

Next door skipper Dan (4) was taking on Matt Beaton. Things didn’t look great when Matt won game one 11-1, but Dan dug in to win the next on a breaker 14-12. Matt stormed back in game three with another comprehensive win (11-3), only for Dan to step it up again with another 14-12 game. By now the Hunts player must have been both rather confused and rather frustrated, which was perfect as Dan completed the job on him 11-9 in the fifth for a 3-2 win. I would call it rope-a-dope, but somehow I doubt it was deliberate…

Things were similarly up-and-down between Malik (3) and former Melbourn player and now full-time coach Colin Griggs. This one split by even and odd, as games one, three and five went to Malik to give him a 3-2 win. The opener (12-10) and decider (11-9) were the closest of the lot, both going Melbourn’s way to put the side two string to one ahead.

Next on was the guile, accuracy and gliding movement of Vinod (2) against the power and elasticity that Steve Mason brings to the court. An interesting contrast of styles. For two games Vinod was decently on top, but after that there was nothing to separate them. The third went 11-9 to Steve, the fourth needing a breaker. This, however, was won 12-10 by Vinod to give himself, and Melbourn a decisive 3-1 lead.

Ed (1) took on Michael Bull with just pride on the line. The Melbourn youngster started well, winning the first game 11-4 but Michael gradually adapted to Ed’s superb defence and began making more of the play. That turned things around, Michael coming through 3-1 to leave the final score at 3-2 in strings and 10-11 in Melbourn’s favour (if you follow that logic) in games!


Skipper Mark called it a “Super win, probably our best performance since Matt got injured”

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