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Frank Lee I vs Melbourn I

Frank Lee I vs Melbourn I

Weds 13th February


Melbourn won 14-6

Well this was all a bit weird. Apparently there were insurance issues with U16s playing at Frank Lee, which meant the strings of Malik (3) and Mumin (5) against James Liley and Andrew Dawson respectively where played at Comberton instead.

In those, Malik played well to establish a two game lead as he edged James out 11-8 13-11. This proved to be enough to see him home as the third also went Malik’s way more comprehensively, 11-6. Meanwhile, Mumin was struggling to deal with the shot pace and movement that Andrew (a VERY strong 5!) brings to the court. The Frank Lee player came through this with a neatly repeated three straight 11-5 games. I think we call this ‘a learning experience’, no?

The switching of two strings to another venue necessarily had a disruptive effect on what was happening actually at Frank Lee. It lacked the feel of a team match as a consequence of the absentees.

Matt S (1) and Vinod (2) were first on court, and both picked up 3-0 wins. Matt was making a comeback from injury and so was looking to attack Sumit Karia at every opportunity and keep the rallies short. This proved extremely effective, Sumit not getting beyond 6 in any of the games. Vinod, meanwhile, had to work hard to take the opener from Guy Weatherhead, eventually closing the game out 16-14. Thereafter he throttled the life out of the Frank Lee player, winning the next two 11-7 11-2 to complete the win.

With both opening games done before 8:00pm, Dan (4) arrived to find the match already nearly over! (I told you it was an odd evening). Dan struggled to get going in his match against Kendrick To, the best he managed being pushing the second to a breaker, but ultimately going down 0-3.

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