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St. Ives 1 vs Melbourn 1

St. Ives 1 vs Melbourn 1

Weds 11th December


Melbourn lost 1-4

Melbourn 1st team played their Light Blue Travel Cup First Round match away at St Ives this week.

Mumin Bilen (5) started the night off with some very close games but unfortunately couldn't convert, losing his match 3-2. Aidan Hird (4) played well but some unforced errors created opportunities for his opponent that unfortunately saw Aidan lose his match 3-1. Mark Oppen (3) struggled finding his form and although some close games lost his match 3-0. Malik Bilen (2) had a solid performance after losing earlier in the season to the same opponent, he convincingly won 3-0 though this time around. Vinod Duraikan (1) took time easing into his match but although the second game showed glimmers of his true form, Vinod unfortunately lost his match 3-0.

Skipper Mark commented “Court conditions were challenging on the cold night which didn't play in the teams favour but a shame to have lost the match.”

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