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Melbourn vs Hunts County II

Melbourn vs Hunts County II

Tues 30th October


Melbourn lost 17-5

Hunts County II Ladies team brought a very strong set of players across to Melbourn last week.

The best result for Melbourn came from a strong performance from Debbie Thain at 5 string. She managed a comprehensive 3-0 win, troubling her opponent with varied play. Unfortunately, that is where the good news ended for the home team. Both Frances Smith and Sam Pluck at strings 4 and 3 fell 3-1 with neither of our players feeling at their best that evening. Helen Tipping (2nd string) put up a good fight battling hard for points against Hunts' number 2 seed, Darcie Mounter, a county player. However, Darcie strengthened her play and Helen lost 3-0. Kate Bradshaw (1st string) faced a fellow training partner in Darcie's sister, Tayla Mounter. What would normally have been a close contest was easily won by Tayla this time as Kate was suffering from a back injury which heavily restricted her movement. An atypical loss for this Melbourn team, they will be looking for a better result on the return leg.

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