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Frank Lee II vs Melbourn II

Frank Lee II vs Melbourn II

Thurs 18th October


Melbourn won 20-0

The 2nds picked up a very comfortable win at a somewhat outclassed Frank Lee 3rds side.

The hosts have recently switched home venue, having been David Lloyd 2nds last year. However with the courts up there no longer available, they have moved across to the very nice Frank Lee Centre, which is on the Addenbrookes site and serves NHS staff.

First on was John Goodfellow (3), on the grounds that he was there at the appointed 7:15pm start time. Everyone else was a little lost on the Addenbrookes site, which is still ever changing with all the ongoing building work! By the time his teammates arrived John was ready to start, and he was quickly in cruise control as straightforward shots to depth on the backhand were causing his opponent, Mark Ridley, insoluble problems. It was just a matter of time before John won 3-0.

Ewan Conradie (5) knocked up against Lawrence Lim, but then found himself playing Andy Harper as the hosts figured out what their playing order actually was! Ewan won the first game relatively comfortably, and the next two ruthlessly as he took the power off the ball and consistently found a dying length. Whether this was actually deliberate or not is questionable, but whatever Ewan’s intent the effect was brutal, only dropping a single point in the second and third games.

Rob Davis (4) was actually meant to be Lawrence’s opponent, and they were next on after John’s game finished. Once again the Melbourn player was swiftly in command, dealing with Lawrence’s intriguing running serve without batting an eyelid. There were some strange arguments in this match, along the lines of Rob saying “I’m pretty sure my shot there was down. It’s your point!” All very polite. And another 3-0 to Melbourn swiftly in the bag.

Matt Walker (2) had the closest game scores of the night as James Starr pushed into double figures in one of the games. However Matt’s clean hitting and his usual killer volley drops were always prominent enough that he was comfortably in charge. Another 3-0 was bagged.

The final match pitted Jan Brynjolffssen (1) against Gonzalo Miquel. A slow start saw Jan tinned three of the first four points, but once he had settled he ran away with the first game. The second and third were both similar scores, but at least in these Gonzalo’s limited number of points mostly came from his own winning or forcing play rather than silly mistakes from the Melbourn player. In any event, it also finished 3-0.

And with that the play was wrapped up before 9pm and we could all retreat to Frank Lee’s rather nice bar area to relax with beer and paninis and chips. Acting skipper Jan commented “We all played solidly, and kept our concentration well. Ewan was particularly ruthless, allowing his opponent to win just a single rally in each of their last two games.”

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