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Melbourn II vs St. Ivo II

Melbourn II vs St. Ivo II

Mon 5th March


Melbourn won 18-4

Melbourn started this match with the advantage of knowing that St Ivo could only field 4 players meaning that the 5th string would be automatically conceded 3-0. So the first contest was Rob Davis (4) playing an enthusiastic young player who proved to be both stubborn and consistently focused which all proved too much for Rob to contend with and he lost 1-3.

Melbourn’s fortunes were very different on the other court with Gareth Jones (3) putting in a commanding performance to win comfortably 3-0. Then we saw the best match of the evening with Melbourn’s Mike Easton (2) having to show real mettle after losing the first game 12-15. Mike was able to change tactics and he fought back well to win the second game 15-13. By now the St Ivo player’s spirit was broken and Mike went on to win the next two games and the match 3-1.

With the match now won, Nev Rimes (1) continued his excellent form to win 3-0 but not without some tricky moments with the last 2 games going to 16-14.

Skipper Roger Woodfield said “this was another solid performance from the team, we played well and deserved to win this match”

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