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Melbourn II vs Letchworth V

Melbourn II vs Letchworth V

Tues 31st July


Melbourn won 9-5

Melbourn 2nds hosted the league leaders Letchworth 5ths in this Herts Div 5 fixture.

Illness resulted in Matt Walker being called in at the last moment to play first string against a strong in-form player. What’s more, this was Matt’s first game of squash for 3 months! Nonetheless, Matt put in his usual competitive effort and did come close to winning the first game but lost it 13-15. Matt’s opponent was playing well and took the next game. In the third game Matt, once again, came close but just lost it and the match 0-3.

Roger Woodfield (2) had a much more straightforward match against a new team player whose lack of team experience showed on occasion. Roger was able to break his opponent’s game down and eventually won 3-0.

Ewan Conradie (3) had to play at his best to overcome a good competitive player who fought hard for every point. Ewan did win 3-0 but the game scores show just how close this match was – 17-15, 15-12, 15-13.

Skipper Roger Woodfield said “Obviously, we were very pleased to beat the league leaders. However, it would have been a different story had Matt Walker not stepped to play their first string. This meant Ewan and I did not have to move up the playing order which would have been very difficult for us to do and compete successfully”

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