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Melbourn I vs Gosling I

Melbourn I vs Gosling I

Weds 18th July


Melbourn lost 1-12

Melbourn 1sts were unable to back up last week’s shock win over leaders Haileybury [match report to come eventually, hint, hint Mark!] as they were well beaten by Gosling 1sts.

First on court was Chris (3) against a fit and enthusiastic player. Chris struggling a little in the opening game in the hot conditions, making too many errors in search of winners. He cleaned things up in the second, counter-punching as his opponent forced to run away with the game. However the Gosling player then went into defensive mode himself, leading to some extremely extended rallies. It became a fitness test as both players looked unable to find winning patterns, which favour the visitors who took the string 3-1.

Next on was Jan (2), finding himself up against a player who had beaten him comprehensively in the first meeting of the sides. This would end the same way, though Jan did make it more of a contest for two games, at least. The third? Well, the least said about that the better.

Finally it was Mark (1), whose opponent was a shot-maker, able to put the ball away despite the extreme bounciness of the ball. Mark searched for a response, first defending then trying to attack, but he was always losing three points for every two he won and this eventually contributed to a 3-0 defeat.

Jan commented afterwards “We all tried hard, but they just played better than us this evening and deserved their win. And blimey, was it stuffy down there.”

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