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Melbourn II vs March II

Melbourn II vs March II

Mon 12th February


Melbourn won 18-8

Melbourn started this rearranged match with a clear advantage in that March could only field 4 players and so forfeited the fifth string. So, with 4 strings to contest, Melbourn were well on their way when Sean Hamilton (4) completed a straightforward 3-0 win over an opponent who just couldn’t get into his game.

Meanwhile, on the other court, a marathon contest was going on with Mike Easton (3) twice going ahead to register a 2-1 lead. This was a really close affair with both players edging forward and then being pulled back. At the end of all this squash, Mike Easton was unable to take the key points and lost the final game 12-15 and the tie 2-3.

Nev Rimes (1) then went on court to take on a young player with an excellent record in this league. Nev didn’t settle well and narrowly lost the first game 13-15. In the second game, Nev surged ahead to lead 11-5 but then in his own words ‘switched off’ and lost that game 14-16. Trailing 0-2 Nev set about a recovery to win the third game 15-7. Nev was now playing very well and started to take control, then his opponent overstretched himself trying to reach the ball and clattered into the wall in the front left corner. The game was halted while he recovered and while everyone checked he was able to continue. Despite being shaken up, Nev’s opponent bravely continued but could not hold back a now dominant Nev Rimes who went on to win 3-2.

This left the second strings to play and Melbourn’s Matt Walker was up against a very experienced player who also came into this match with a fine record of success. Matt narrowly lost the first 2 games before staging an impressive fightback to win the third game 15-5 and the fourth game 15-12. This really was a close match but Matt Walker was unable to overcome his opponent and lost 2-3.

Skipper Roger Woodfield said “There was some excellent squash played which was very exciting and entertaining, it was the type of match that you are always pleased to win and equally pleased to report that all the Melbourn players put in 100% effort and a great performance”

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