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Melbourn vs Crown Towers

Weds 20th December


Melbourn lost 2-3

The Quarters of the Light Blue Travel Cup brought new opponents in Crown Towers Squash Club. They hail from Bedford, and are new entrants to the Cambs League this season. The committee had put them in Division 2 to start off with, with their 100% winning record telling you everything you need to know about that.

So we were in for a tough one, as Nev (4) rapidly found out. Try as he might he simply couldn’t get his opponent off-balance, with rallies quickly turning into Nev stretching to retrieve balls being pounded away into the back corners. This never looked sustainable and Nev went down 3-0.

Next door Mark (3) was having a better time of it, in an extremely close match. Each game was decided by just a handful of points, but Mark held his nerve better at the crunch to claim three out of four and level the tie up at 1-1.

Briefly. Because that is how long Jan (5) was on court against a nimble opponent. At least not all the games were as comprehensive a scoreline as the 11-1 opener, but there was never any real doubt about the 3-0 outcome for the visitors.

That meant Ed (2) had to win to keep our hopes alive. Things looked good when he won 6 consecutive points to start, but then turned as he lost 8 on the spin! His older opponent was doing everything he could to break out of an up-and-down the wall game, and this temporarily threw Ed off. However a refocused effort in game two turned things around and from there on Ed looked much the more likely. As he commented after his 3-1 win “I won every rally that went more than 15 shots”. Probably, yeah.

So all eyes on the first string encounter, then . Matt (1) produced a good opener to move ahead, but then he was pegged back level as his opponent proved lightening fast getting to the short balls. Matt kept trying to attack, but he was looking the more gassed of the two players when he needed things the other way around and eventually this resulted in a 3-1 defeat, which left the overall score at 3-2 to the Bedford side. We wish them well in the Semis.

The Christmas burgers at the Green Man were good.

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